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What did you do in the war?

. . . which one?

Dr. Maria Gordon
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Current Alias: Doctor Maria Gordon.
Birth Name: Unknown.
D.O.B.: Unknown. Estimated age 55-65.
Birthplace: Unknown Location, Eastern Europe.
Former Aliases: Rita Donovan, Ekaterina V., Liska, The Doctor.
Former Occupations: Mercenary, chemist, black market medic, fishwife, forger, assassin.
Current Occupation: Medical doctor.
Current Location: Unknown.
Identifying marks: Extensive scarring to the left hip, calf, thigh, torso, and to the right shoulder. Walks with a limp and uses a forearm crutch, limited mobility in the left leg. Long scar to the lower back, parallel to the spine on the left hand side. Other identifying marks unknown.

Do not attempt to apprehend the subject. She should be considered dangerous.

Dr. Maria Gordon runs a back-alley medical clinic. If you need patched up or treated, especially if you need it quick and without the authorities involved, she's your woman. She'll patch up vigilante hero and supervillain and failed mugger alike, without drawing too many distinctions between them, and she doesn't pry.

Not Susan Sarandon, not a former mercenary, not a medical professional. Muse and mun are both over the age of 18.