What did you do in the war?

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The good Doctor here is an original character, and I'm always willing and eager to hear feedback on how I play her, what's not working and what does work. Please feel free to comment here!


Continuation of the Volchok AU, for werewolf_hacker
Eventually, Kati recovers enough strength to be a little more with-it and capable of tracking. She's still doped to the rafters on pain medication -- her leg is in too many pieces for that to be anything less than a necessity. And she's still easily exhausted, as her body funnels all available energy and resources into repairing what it can, regaining some ground. But she can string a sentence together, hold up a conversation, make decisions, and follow a detailed discussion of her care and her injuries.

All things considered? That isn't precisely a mercy, because the details of her injuries -- a damaged spine, mangled muscles in her back and thigh, shattered hip, shattered femur, fractured tibia, patella and ankle bones in so many pieces reconstructing them is a joke, not to mention the nerve damage and the burns -- well. It's enough to send even someone much stronger than her into a black spiral of despair.

Continuation of the AU for will_wolf
oh my god why am I listening to this
Air travel hasn't changed much in the long years since Kati last boarded a plane; airports are still crowded and full of potential threats, planes still lack the requisite number of quick exits to make her feel at ease, and sitting still for long periods is still hell on her bad leg.

But since, all things considered, it's still safer to spend a day's travel in poor conditions than a week or more on the road, here they are.

True to her word, Kati gives anyone who balks at Will's presence the kind of cold, fixed stare that used to make Russian mobsters quail. She will not be putting up with that shit when it comes to her Pack, thanks ever so much.

On the far side of security, she retrieves her crutch with a put-upon sigh and slips her shoes back on.

"Piddling nonsense." She grumbles, just loud enough that she knows Will's ears will catch it and nobody human's will. "If I wanted to crash one of their verdammnt planes I would not even have been slowed down by all this bullshit. Only more annoyed by it."


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